Factory Tour

  • Production Line                                                                                                                                                   

    Found in 2009, ASTRAL grows up from a small factory with tens of employees to a well-known manufacturer in the in-car electronics industry with two well-equiped modern production line. 

    With high-level manufacturing management, the daily output is over 400 units, while monthly output over 10,000 units, and it's also extendable, based on good marketing situation.

     Quality management has been our core work since start, which decides our survival and competibility in such a highly competed market now. ASTRAL now has a QC team with over 10 members, and all of them are experienced and good at their jobs, while most have been working in this company for over 3 years as QC members. Moreover, to improve their QC skills, our QC mechnisam has been established and run well all these years, including regular internal QC training, and regular inter-department quality work summary meeting. Thanks to our excellent QC management and efforts by QC members, our product failure rate has been well controlled under 1% so far, and we're still working on its upgrading and keep bringing more effective measures to get our QC work and our product quality better.


  • OEM/ODM                                                                                                                                                          
    • As a OEM factory that capable of providing multiple upgrading solutions for in-car entertainment electronics, OEM/ODM has always been one of the services Astral provides, including printing customized logo on devices, customized giftbox, customized splash screen.

    Astral Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd


    Moreover, Astral is capable of providing customized features to the WINCE/Android-powered car head unit or developing unique UI and help our partners or dealers be more competitive in the market by unique products and reliable quality.

    In addition, for some special model or latest car, even it is not available in the market, to build first mover advantages, Astral is capable of developing a new molding specially and getting the samples ready for trial installation in the markets in a short time, with factory CD player or radio sample or detailed requirements providedand.

    Normally, developing new models takes 20-30days only.

  • R&D                                                                                                                                                                    

    Besides of the capability of OEM services providing, Astral has the capability of developing new technology or products, with R&D team of over 10 engineers, including System Solution Development Engineers(SSDE), Electornics Engineering Engineers(EEE) and Structure Development Engineers(SDE), and they are all professional, experienced and loyal to the company.

    Astral Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd


    In such a complex and volatile market, Astral is making its own efforts in delivery values to the partners and users by quality products and latest technology and reliable support. 

    With Tesla-style vertical touchscreen's leading the transfermation and upgrading of in-car entertainment system, Astral has successfully developed and introduced its over 100 vertical models to the market, together with other nearly 500 normal models with smaller touchscreen. 

    Astral Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

     To keep developing new models in a long run, modern testing machines are very important. Here are some of them for example.

    Astral Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd