Quality Control

QC Profile                                                                                                                                                               

Quality management has been our core work since start, which is critically important to our survival and high competibility in the market.


To provide quality guaranteed products and services, Astral equips itself with modern test machines, and especially well-trained QC team with over 10 members, and all of these QC members are experienced and good at their jobs, while most have been working in this company for over 3 years as QC members.


Moreover, to improve their QC skills, a QC mechnisam has been established and run well all these years, including regular internal QC training, and regular inter-department quality work discussions, etc.


Thanks to their efforts, the whole company's QC management is excellent and has been improving, and our product failure rate has been well controlled under 1% so far, and we're still working on its improving and keep bringing more effective measures to get our QC work a high level and our product quality better.


After assembly, all the items will be tested step by step, including vibration test, high/low temperature test and 8 hours aging test.

Astral Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd


Only the ones that passed all these above mentioned tests enter the following procedure which is all the items will be 100% tested for all features one by one, including bluetooth connecting, WiFi connecting for internet access, touch screen reliability, performances of volume knobs and keys, audio video performances, and others.


By all these strict quality control measures, we make sure all these items to be packed and delivered to our partners and users performance perfectly and help users enjoy the technology in the end.


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